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Our Mission

The primary purpose of the Central West End Association is to preserve and promote the best attributes of our vibrant community. We serve as a resource for residents, visitors and the institutions that call the Central West End home.  

Our Focus

To fulfill our purpose the CWEA focuses intently on four key objectives. Each of these objectives, and the activities that support them, result in protecting and improving the quality of life for residents, enhancing the experience of visitors, and supporting the corporations that call the Central West End home. 

  • Work with residents to foster a strong sense of community and a welcoming environment for visitors.
  • Provide timely information about initiatives and issues that impact our community.
  • Produce programs and events that celebrate our community and bring neighbors together .
  • Assist residents, property owners and real estate developers to preserve our architectural and historic integrity.

Message From Our President

The CWEA was created in 1958 by residents who believed when neighbors join forces on matters of shared importance, the neighborhood becomes a better place to live, work and visit. For nearly sixty years the CWEA has been a grassroots volunteer organization that provides residents and area businesses with resources to keep our neighborhood strong, beautiful, safe, and prosperous.

This is an exciting time to live in the Central West End. Our neighborhood is one of the most beautiful, lively, historic, and diverse communities in St. Louis.  The livability of our community was recognized nationally when we were selected by the American Planning Association as one of America's Top 10 Great Neighborhoods. That's why so many companies are locating and expanding here.

 The current level of growth and development is attracting new residents, businesses, and entrepreneurial energy to our neighborhood.  It's more essential than ever that we have a strong effective neighborhood association to help us understand and manage the impacts of this growth. 

We produce programs and host events that connect neighbors, deliver important information, and celebrate our growing community. Please join your neighbors in supporting our community by becoming a member of the CWEA today!

I look forward to seeing you around our neighborhood,

Kelly Waters


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Board of Directors

Kelly Waters CWEA President

Kelly Waters
CWEA President

Jim Dwyer CWEA Board Secretary

Jim Dwyer
CWEA Board Secretary

Chris Holt CWEA Board

Chris Holt
CWEA Board

Amy Howell Mittelstadt, CWEA Board (Ex-Officio)

Amy Howell Mittelstadt, CWEA Board (Ex-Officio)

Carolyn Compton CWEA Vice President

Carolyn Compton
CWEA Vice President

Jason King CWEA Treasurer

Jason King
CWEA Treasurer

Sarah Cunningham CWEA Board

Sarah Cunningham
CWEA Board

Anna Cardot CWEA Board

Anna Cardot
CWEA Board

Eric Hamblett CWEA Board

Eric Hamblett
CWEA Board

Bryan Laughlin CWEA Board

Bryan Laughlin
CWEA Board

Greg Stroube CWEA Board

Greg Stroube
CWEA Board

Not pictured:

Laura Butsch, CWEA Board

Sandra Lehrer, CWEA Board

Kate Walter, CWEA Board

Mark Kent, CWEA Board

Alexis Zotos, CWEA Board


Amy Howell Mittelstadt
Mary Bartley
Jeff Fister
John J. Oleski
Tricia Roland-Hamilton
John Berglund
Doug Teasdale