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Central West End Historic District

CWE Historic District Introduction and Guide

Established in 1974, the Historic District was created to maintain the distinctive character, construction quality, and architectural integrity within it. Unlike some other historic districts within the City, the CWE is not characterized by one prevalent architectural style or a dominant building material. Rather, its diverse styles, sense of scale, richness of detail and quality of construction give the neighborhood a unique, pedestrian friendly sense of place. 


The CWEA Planning and Development Committee assists home owners, commercial property owners and real estate developers understand and comply with community historical standards. The members of the committee bring a depth of expertise in architecture, construction, and property development. This expertise allows the CWEA to be a strong advocate for the best interests of the neighborhood. 

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Historic Standards Resources

CWEA Planning and Development Committee

  • Meets regularly for the purpose of reviewing plans for proposed projects within the Central West End Historic District, and offers recommendations to property owners and to the Cultural Resources and the Preservation Board regarding compliance with the CWE Historic District Standards. 

Historic Standards Agencies

The Cultural Resources Office, 314-657-3865

  • Any proposed alteration, addition or modification to the exterior of any structure located within the Historic District is subject to prior review and the issuance of a permit by the Cultural Resources Office of the St. Louis Planning and Urban Design Agency. 

St. Louis Building Division, 314-622-3313

  • Applications for construction projects ranging from a deck addition to an interior remodel to erecting a multi-storied high-rise building are all addressed by the same office. Applications should be made in person at Rm. 425, City Hall. 

St. Louis Preservation Board, 314-657-3865

  • Appeals of denial of a permit by the Cultural Resources Office may be made to the Preservation Board. It is comprised of citizens appointed by the Mayor and meets monthly.