CWEA Planning and Development Committee

The CWEA Planning and Development Committee assists home owners, commercial property owners and real estate developers understand and comply with community historical standards.

The members of the committee bring a depth of expertise in architecture, construction, and property development. This expertise allows the CWEA to be a strong advocate for the best interests of the neighborhood.

The Committee:

    Acts as a resource to home owners, real estate developers and commercial building owners to help them comply with historical standards and, in the case of commercial buildings, improve how the public can access and use the buildings

    Disseminates information and hosts public forums about proposed development projects that impact the neighborhood.

    When appropriate, communicates and works with the City of St Louis Cultural Resources Department to resolve design and compliance issues.

    Produces and disseminates the comprehensive Historical Standards Guide (request a copy for below)

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CWEA planning and Development Committee members:

Jim Dwyer, Committee Chair

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