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Neighborhood Organizations


CWE Farm

The Central West End Farm’s mission is to eliminate hunger within our community by growing, harvesting and delivering organic vegetables and fruits to clients at local food pantries. The farm was started by Arthur and Nancy Culbert. Last year the CWE Farm helped feed nearly 2,500 family members by providing 3,200 pounds of fresh food. 



Central West End North Community Improvement District (North CID)

The designated special retail and restaurant taxing district is situated along the North Euclid Avenue commercial corridor, from Delmar Avenue moving south to Lindell Boulevard. The district serves as a community-strengthening tool designed to provide services and improvements to the CWE NCID.


Central West End S0uth Community Improvement District (South CID)

The Euclid South Community Improvement District is focused on Euclid Avenue,  south of Lindell Boulevard to Forest Park Avenue. Established in 2014, the Euclid South CID works on various projects throughout the District including beautification efforts, infrastructure projects, safety and security initiatives, marketing and special events.

The Euclid South CID boasts some of the regions finest and most memorable dining, specialty shops, and eclectic residential opportunities. The extraordinary building boom continues to bring new residents and businesses making the community stronger and creating a more dynamic neighborhood that is walkable, attractive and safe.


Royal Vagabonds Foundation

The Royal Vagabonds, Inc. social club had its beginning in the early 1930s when a group of professional young men of color formed a social club. Their intent was to provide a higher form of social activities that were generally unavailable to men of color because of the limiting social mores of the times. The social club hosted an annual golf tournament to raise funds for its philanthropic endeavors for 59 years.

In 2003, the social club started a separate charitable entity, Royal Vagabonds Foundation, Inc. In 2007, the IRS granted the Foundation 501 (c) (3) tax-exempt status. The operation of the golf tournament was assumed by the Foundation in 2008. In 2009, the funds from the tournament allowed us to give $1700 to an inner-city school to support a Seventh Grade Reading Program, and over $7000 to the Employment Connection, Inc. to assist them in establishing a youth support program. In 2011, we were able to award $10,000 in scholarship aid to 10 St. Louis Metropolitan area high-school graduates. In 2016 the number of scholarships was increased to seventeen, and to nineteen in 2017, and then to twenty-three in 2018!


STL Programs

For more than 20 years, STL Programs has been publishing playbills and community directories for the St. Louis area. They publish more than 40 programs a year, and work for organizations ranging from the Fox Theatre, Stages and Sheldon Concert Hall, to the Great Forest Park Balloon Race and more. STL Programs is the publisher of the CWE Directory

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The Saint Louis Woman's Club

The mission of The Saint Louis Woman's Club is the promotion of literature, science and art, and the study thereof, as well as the general intellectual culture, in a cordial atmosphere with friends and family.

The Saint Louis Woman's Club was created to provide hospitality to the wives of the heads of state and royalty visiting St. Louis during the 1904 World's Fair. In 1912, The Saint Louis Woman's Club moved to its present location, 4600 Lindell Boulevard. Now in its second century, The Club serves its members as a classroom, dining room, meeting place, theater, ballroom and center of social activity.

Besides serving its members, The Saint Louis Woman’s Club is also available for outside events. The Club retains the graciousness of that earlier age, with an updated traditional décor that appeals to modern tastes as well. The Club has several areas that are perfect for parties, luncheons, dinners and meetings. Please contact the General Manager for more information on hosting your event at The Saint Louis Woman’s Club.


Trinity Church

Trinity Church is an inclusive Episcopal Church in the Central West End of St. Louis. Our worship leans traditional, our vision of God's kingdom of justice leans radical, and our love leans toward each other and our neighbor.


Washington University Medical Center Redevelopment Corporation

Washington University Medical Center Redevelopment Corporation (WUMCRC), is a partnership between BJC Health Care and Washington University School of Medicine and works to improve the quality of life for the neighborhoods surrounding the medical campus. In order to achieve this goal in Forest Park Southeast and the Central West End , WUMCRC has invested millions of dollars toward regenerating the market for private investment in businesses and real estate, enhancing human and social service opportunities, and improving the level of physical and personal security.