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The Central West End Association: Connecting Community

The most important reason to join the CWEA is to support efforts to preserve the best attributes of our community. In addition there are a number of member benefits that help you connect with neighbors, receive updates on issues impacting our community, and participate in events that celebrate our lively, growing neighborhood.

To encourage involvement we offer a variety of membership levels, including monthly subscription programs.  You can join online or by calling us at 314-884-1440.  Please become a member and join the efforts to keep our community strong, beautiful, safe, and prosperous.

CWE Stewards

Steve Alabach

John Barth

Chantal & Adam Block 

Albert Cajazzo

Carolyn Compton 

James Croft 

Daniel Davis

Jim & Nicki Dwyer

Henry Edmonds

Frankie Eichenberger

Dennis Flatness

Karen Fincutter 

Dick Fleming 

Michael Gras 

John Grone 

James Heagney 

Denise King 

Lyda Krewson 

Fritz Levenhagen 

Marcia Matthews

Christine McDuffie 

John & Constance McPheeters

Art Perry 

Philip Penrose 

Susan Poling 

Dana Scott-Person 

Georgia Prstojevich

Joe Schlafly 

Greg & Anne Stroube

Stacey Wehe 

Janice Weil 



CWE Patrons

Ronald Barrett 

Bob & Kim Brown 

Dan & Julie DeFeo

Arnie Robbins 

John & Laura Marlow

Kelly & Jack Waters


CWEA Business Members

3rd Degree Glass Factory


Bowood Farms 

Busey Bank 

Candle Fusion Studio

Cathedral Concerts 

Central Table 

CWE Euclid South CID


CWE National Security Initiative 

Dwight Davis Memorial Tennis Center 

Euclid Chiropractic Center 


Fitness Formula 

Gamlin Restaurant Group - SubZero Vodka, Gamlin Whiskey House, 1764 

Giant Hat/Thomson Printing 

Handcrafted By Bissinger's 

Holiday Inn Express 

Hot Box Cookies

Jenaro Centeno Office 

Kaliedoscope Management Group 

KayOss Designs 

Kinetic Counseling 

Lacey Mitchell State Farm Agency 

Lion Petroleum/Phillips 66 

Lipton Group - Convent Gardens

Lipton Group - Del Coronado 

Lofts @625 

Marianist Province of the US / Maryland Avenue Community 

Mary Ryder Home 

The McPherson

Michael Benson Bankruptcy Law

OPUS - Citizen Park 

Plaza Dental 

Pure Barre 

Red Brick STL 

Sante at the Chase 

Selkirk Auctioneers & Appraisers 

Shapiro's Market 

Shaun Moore - Realtor RE/MAX Results of StL 

STL Programs 

STL Public Library / Schlafly Branch 

St. Louis Women's Club


Taze Street Food 

The Biome School 

The Learning Center / Link Auditorium 

Trinity Unity Church 

Union Avenue Opera  

West End Pub & Grill

World Chess Hall of Fame 




















































Residential Members

Jennifer Arvin

Sallie Arvison

Sue Aman 

Douglas Auer 

Lori Balzer 

Susan Barley 

Hendrick Barner 

Ted Beaty 

Judith Bender 

Robert Birenbaum 

Carol Bland 

Michael Blatz 

Dan Boccabella 

Larry Bradford 

Michael Brave 

Kathleen Bresnahan 

Dixie Buford 

Heather Busch

Anna & John Cardot 

Barry Cervantes 

Chris Chadwick

Susan Cobb 

Bridget Collins 

Jen & Tom Corcoran 

Lynn Cunningham 

Carla Dawson

Patricia Dennis

Peggy DeGuire & Richard Supanich

Terry Domato

Alayna Davies-Smith 

Carla Dawson 

Linda Decker 

Patricia Dennis 

Bob & Deborah Dolgin

Caroline Early 

Dennis Eichholz

Sara Epstein

Kimberly Ehrman

Tony Fathman 

Stephen Ferman 

Rebecca Fierberg 

Marsha Fisher 

Mimi & RIck Fister

Adrienne Fly 

Hazel Forester 

Zachary Foster 

Patrick Fox 

Gregory Frankenfeld

Sharon Giovanoni

Matthew Gleason 

Diane Greble

Joan Groups 

Daniela Grushevska

James Halley 

Jim Hagedorn 

Frank Hamsher 

David Harper 

Harvey Harris 

Trudy Hawkins 

Katie Heaney 

Cliff Heggs 

Susan Herre

Patti Hill 

Willow High 

Gary Hirschberg 

Tracy Holtzman 

Amy Howell & Paul Mittelstadt 

Robert Idol 

Chris Jacobs 

John Johans 

Rodney Jones 

Laura Justiss 

Harold Karabell 

Jessica Kennedy 

Jason & Jessica King 

Debbie Kiso

Andrew Knobbe

Harriette Kraus 

John Kujawski 

Judy Kujawski 

Eric Kyser 

Joseph Lampen 

Greg Launhardt 

Louise Lawes 

Sandra Lehrer 

Ellen Livingston 

Bridget Long 

Michael Lowenstein 

Tedi Macias 

Roxane Mauer 

Shelly McDonald

Daniel McGuire 

Patrick Mickey 

Mark Miller 

Anna Miller 

Paul Miller 

Thomas Monroe 

Edward Morris 

Ron Mueller 

Marianne Murphy 

Pamela Neuman 

Trina Nichols 

Jean Noll

Karen O'Brien 

Paula Oldeg 

Tom & Gail Oltmanns 

Dennis Overton

Melissa Pero

Heather Piskorowski 

Christine Pitser 

Sandi Porter 

Dean & Jean Porter 

Karen Priest 

Emily Pulitzer 

Barb Quinn 

Ambar Rao 

Nancy Ridenour

Nancy Rice 

Mary Risberg 

Joe Roddy 

Kelly & Bill Roller

Dennis Rose 

Christine Royal 

Valerie Rutterer 

Stephanie Sachs 

Sindhu Saini 

Jerry Schlichter 

Erin Schuettpelz

Eloise Schlafly

Tom Schlafly

Jessica Schmaltz

John Schott 

Nicole Scott

James Serot 

Sandra Shachar

Kimberly Shapiro 

Janet Sheban 

Noaman Siddiqi 

Jerry Sincoff 

Scott Steinberg 

Eric Stiller 

Jennifer Stoffel

Beth Stone 

David Strom

Catherine Strahan

Lulu Stribling

Eleanor Sullivan

William Switzer 

Mary Ann Tipton 

Carolyn Told 

Ellen Turongian 

Susan Vanous

Anne Warfield

Kimbery Walker

Mark Wall

Kate Walter

Wendy Walsh

Sally Ward

Ellen Watt 

Chelsey Watts 

Dennis White 

Nina Windsor

Philip Wilman 

Michael Wolff 

Jennifer Woods 

Kimbery Yawitz

Bruce Yampolsky 

Daryl Younker 






Monthly memberships are recurring and payment continues until the member cancels. After one year you may cancel by contacting Jess Batchelor at 314-884-1440 or