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Paul & Amy Mittelstadt  Mittelstadt Realty -

Paul & Amy Mittelstadt
Mittelstadt Realty -


by Jaime Mowers of the West End Word

Longtime Central West End residents Paul and Amy Mittelstadt not only love the neighborhood, but have helped it grow over the past several years as real estate agents.

The husband-and-wife team with Coldwell Baker Gundaker have closed more than $90 million in Central West End residential real estate transactions since 2010, making them the most successful residential team in the Central West End. Paul Mittelstadt has been with Coldwell Baker Gundaker since 1994, and the two have worked as a team since Amy Mittelstadt joined in 2007.

Paul and Amy Mittelstadt both had roots in the Central West End long before the couple married in 2005. Paul Mittelstadt moved to the Central West in 1977, and Amy Mittelstadt moved to the neighborhood in 2000. 

“The historic homes are amazing,” Amy Mittelstadt said. “We love the older houses and the architecture, and we love the combination of the different styles of homes as well as the condos. We just love the neighborhood.”

Their enthusiasm for all things in the 63108 ZIP code is contagious, as the couple has had a hand in bringing countless St. Louis residents – and many prospective employees from other states – to the Central West End. The couple pride themselves on being ambassadors for the Central West End’s  vibrant culture, unique lifestyle and beautiful homes and condos.

“I think we’ve helped grow the neighborhood just by being cheerleaders,” Paul Mittelstadt said. “We tour a lot of prospective employees around, many of them doctors from the east or west coast, and we love to show  them what we’ve got here.”

Showing people what the Central West End has to offer in housing is what Paul and Amy Mittelstadt do best, as they have a knack for matching people with potential new residences. For some that means finding a house, but over the past several years more and more people have expressed interest in condos.

“There’s been a huge number of new condos developed (in the Central West End) since 2000 – that’s the biggest change we’ve seen over the years,” Paul Mittelstadt said, noting almost 500 condo units have been built in the area since then. He said of those units, a little more than 200 are new condos and the others include renovated condos at several locations. 

The Mittelstadts said the Central West End real estate market was stronger than the St. Louis Metro market in 2017. Properties in the Central West End also sold faster.

“Condos and houses are moving more quickly – the average is about 60 days on the market,” Amy Mittelstadt said.

Larger condos but smaller homes are in particular demand right now in the Central West End, she said.

“Single-family buyers, in general, are looking for smaller homes, and several people currently living in larger houses are wanting to move to larger condos,”  Amy Mittelstadt said.

The Mittelstadts said although it’s hard to predict the future of the real estate market, they hope for continued prosperity and growth in the Central West End, particularly north of Delmar where they see potential for development.

The couple is invested not only in the Central West End housing market, but in the community. Amy Mittelstadt served as president of the Central West End Association’s board from 2014-2015, and the couple is one of the association’s biggest supporters, sponsoring the organization’s annual house tour and yearly gala. 

“The association really connects neighbors to neighbors – and neighbors to businesses and institutions – and that’s something that’s really important,” Amy Mittelstadt said. “We’re in a very dense neighborhood with lots of institutions and businesses and residents crammed into a small area and we all have to have a voice – the Central West End Association does that. It lets us have a voice and it lets them have a voice, too.”