The CWEA Planning and Development Committee assists home owners, commercial property owners and real estate developers understand and comply with community historical standards. The members of the committee bring a depth of expertise in architecture, construction, and property development. This expertise allows the CWEA to be a strong advocate for the best interests of the neighborhood. 


Responsible for planning and writing internal and external communications with the Operations Director, this committee helps develop promotional materials for events, media relations, and updates for the CWE blog and website.

First Fridays

The CWE happy hour held on the first Friday of every month at a different restaurant or bar is a lively and fun gathering. Coordinating the schedule with local businesses and hosting the event are the committee's responsibilities.


A tradition that rallies neighbors from newborns to senior citizens around the flag and a patriotic stroll down Euclid from McPherson to Maryland Plaza. Popsicles, lemonade, and entertainment await parade-goers and participants at the early morning start to the holiday. The committee is responsible for organizing entertainment, refreshments, and advance promotion of the event.

House Tour

For more than 40 years, residents of the CWE have been opening their historic homes to the public for this popular fundraiser. Months of planning go into this spring weekend event requiring committee work almost year-round. 


This committee is responsible for securing residential and institutional memberships within the neighborhood. For more information about their work, click here

Ad-Hoc Committees


The Arts & Beautification Committee works within the neighborhood to preserve and enhance the ambiance and appearance of the Central West End. 


The sole purpose of this committee is the annual recruitment of candidates for the Board of Directors. Committee is responsible for informing interested candidates of directors' duties and presenting candidates at the Annual Meeting for approval by members.

We are always accepting nominations for committee membership. If you're interested in serving on one of our CWEA committees, please contact Operations Coordinator Amanda Dever at or 314-367-2220.