Tips on Bike Theft Prevention From the NSI

September 17, 2013

Bicycling is a very popular activity in the Central West End. Whether you are a bike commuter or an avid cyclist, having your prized bicycle stolen can be tragic. Sarah Wickenhauser, deputy director of the Neighborhood Security Initiative (NSI), has distributed some safety tips regarding the prevention of bike theft, as well as information on how to register your bike with the NSI, and what to do if your bike is lost or stolen:

The majority of bike thefts occur when your bike is _________.

A. unsecured or unattended outdoors

B. secured to a bike rack

C. unsecured in residential garage

If you said C, you are correct! The majority of bike thefts occur from one’s own garage. Please take a few moments to read some safety tips on bike theft prevention by visiting

Don’t forget to register your bicycle with the NSI!

Many lost or stolen bicycles that are recovered by the Police Department cannot be returned to their owner because the serial number is not recorded or the bike is not registered.   If registered, the officer can identify the owner of the bicycle by the recorded serial number and description. If your bicycle is stolen, report the theft to the Police Department, and let them know that you have registered your bicycle with the Central West End Neighborhood Security Initiative.