NSI Update: Garage Safety

Sarah Wickenhauser, deputy director of the NSI, [LINK: http://cwensi.com] has shared a helpful reminder from the St. Louis Metropolitan Police Department:

With spring in the air more people are beginning to do yard work and outdoor projects. Many trips back and forth to your garage may cause you to forget to lock your garage doors when you are done. Please remember to always put your tools, ladders, bicycles, etc. back in your locked garage when finished, so you do not become vulnerable to those, who are looking for an easy opportunity to obtain new tools/items.

In the past week, there have been a few garage burglaries, wherein the vast majority of the garages were left unlocked. Items of which were stolen consist of but are not limited to lawn mowers, bicycles, iPods, and power tools.

Safety prevention tips include but are not limited to:

*Make sure all doors and windows are locked.

*Install a deadbolt lock or padlock on garage or shed doors.

*Illuminate your residence and garage at night. Use motion detection lights if possible.

*Remember to make sure the bulbs are working properly.

*Put all your tools away in a secured garage or shed so that they cannot be used to assist in criminal activity.

*Make a list of all makes, models, and serial numbers, when possible.

To report any suspicious activity, please call 314-231-1212 (non-emergency) or call 911.

The 5th District appreciates your time and help in this matter. Again this is just a friendly reminder so that you do not have any of your hard earned property stolen.