NSI Burglary Update

July 17, 2014

Sarah Wickenhauser, deputy director of the NSI, has shared the following information regarding recent burglaries in the neighborhood:

A message from Captain Hayden…

Attention Residents:

In the past week two homes were burglarized; (1) in the 4300 block of Olive and (1) in the 4200 block of Washington. In both cases the front doors were forced open and this occurred during daytime hours.

Per information from our Burglary Squad, there is possibly an unknown black male involved wherein; he knocks on the door of the residences; if someone answers he walks way. The male is accompanied by an unknown black female who waits in a car nearby. This couple is most likely trying to see which residents are home and which are not.

Please make sure that if you see any activity like this to contact the Police Department. Simply advise the dispatcher you would like to report a suspicious person because of recent burglaries in the area; wherein an unknown male knocks on doors to see if the resident is home or not.

Please provide the dispatcher with as much information as possible such as:

*Hair style, length, and color
*Any visible facial hair (mustache, beard, goatee)
*Color and style of clothing (t-shirt, jacket, hat, pants, etc)
*Color and type of shoes (flip-flops, sneakers, boots, etc)
*Approximate age
*Approximate height and weight
*Is the subject wearing glasses
*Last known direction of travel (whether on foot or in a vehicle)
*Any other characteristics (was the subject carrying tools, a backpack)

If possible leave your first name and a number you can be reached at so an officer can contact you by phone for further information if needed. You will remain anonymous.