Lane and Sidewalk Closures at BJC

August 30, 2013

Our friends at BJC have shared information for CWE residents and visitors regarding lane and sidewalk closures related to the upcoming construction project:

Upcoming demolition and construction work for the Campus Renewal Project at Barnes-Jewish and Children’s hospital has resulted in a lane closure on Kingshighway and sidewalk closures south of Forest Park Avenue. Barriers are being built around the Jewish College of Nursing and the Kingshighway, Yalem and Steinberg buildings to accommodate demolition activity, which is slated to start later this summer into early fall.

The Campus Renewal Project is a long-term project to renew the medical center campus on Kingshighway Boulevard, encompassing BJC’s Barnes-Jewish Hospital and St. Louis Children’s Hospital along with Washington University School of Medicine. The vision is to transform the campus over the next 10 years through renovations and new construction, creating an environment and experience for patients that matches the excellence in medical care they expect.

Containing the site ensures the safety of those outside the site and will accommodate the movement of construction vehicles. The northbound lane of Kingshighway that closed Aug. 12 will remain closed for the duration of demolition and construction.

On Kingshighway:

  • The sidewalk is closed north of Children’s Place to Forest Park Avenue. The pedestrian detour is on the west side of Kingshighway between Children’s Place and the sidewalk on the north side of Forest Park Avenue.
  • One northbound lane of Kingshighway is closed, starting north of Children’s Place and continuing to Forest Park Avenue. The turn to Parkview Place from Kingshighway remains open to vehicular traffic.


On Parkview Place:

  • Sidewalks on both sides of Parkview are closed from Kingshighway the westernmost edge of the Center for Advanced Medicine.
  • Parkview remains open to two-way vehicular traffic.

On Forest Park Avenue:

  • The sidewalk on the south side of Forest Park Avenue is closed from Kingshighway east to the Shoenberg Pavilion.
  • Traffic lanes are not affected.

Signs are in place to direct drivers and pedestrians.

Project information can be found at 

BJH_CampusMap-Closures_2013 final